Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Embarking on an adventure...

As I bustle around the house trying to pack for a 2 week trip, I am reminded how amazingly blessed I am.  This trip wouldn't have happened without my extremely thoughtful husband.  

2 summers ago Layton talked me into taking a 5 week trip to Chicago.  This was definitely outside of my comfort zone.  Leave my house for 5 weeks,  fly with 2 dogs half way across the US, take the train and walk everywhere around a town that we are not familiar with...be ADVENTUROUS!  That's not really me!  I am so glad he talked me into it.  We had such an amazing time making memories together.  

Tonight we will embark on another such adventure.  It all started back in January.  We had been throwing around the idea of taking an extended trip to Boston and on the way to my parent's house one Sunday afternoon Layton told me that he just didn't think we could afford it this year.  I was bummed, but I could accept that.  Little did I know that he had a surprise up his sleeve.  He took me out the next evening for dinner and he had a present for me.  I was instructed to open the
card first.  The outside of the card had a globe on it with a plane flying around it.  On the inside was written, "We only live once. Pack your bags.  We're going to Boston.  The apartment is booked for July 1-15!"  The present was a guide book for Boston. He had booked my favorite loft that we'd been looking at!!  

Fast forward to today.  I'm packing 2 suitcases for a 2 week trip to an AMAZING city.  I'm a little sad/scared to leave my kids behind.   But I know that Layton and I are going to have a fabulous time exploring, learning, laughing and making memories together that will last a lifetime.  

All of that to say that today's blessing is: this remarkable man who pushes me to do things that are outside of my box!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Count your many blessings...

As I was laying in the tub last night soaking in a sea full of bubbles, a song popped into my head.  "Count your blessing, name them one by one, Count your many blessing, see what God has done!"  This song continued to play over and over in my head as I lay down to go to sleep.  

I am naturally somewhat of a negative person.  Let's face it...I complain...A LOT!  I was suddenly convicted last night as that song kept playing in my head.  I am an extremely blessed person.  I have so much to be thankful for every day.  What is the use in complaining and being negative?
I decided to start this blog to count my blessing every day!  I may not have the most interesting life, but I do have a very BLESSED life and I feel like I should share those blessings with others.  

I invite you to follow my life day by day as I count my many blessings!