Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yoga and Layton...

...those 2 things were my blessings yesterday.

  • I had a long day

  • I was tired because of the time change

  • I had a mound of papers to grade

Usually when I've had a day like yesterday, there is one thing that ALWAYS helps!! And it did help!

I felt refreshed and rejuvinated after yesterday's 75 minute yoga class. Right before I went into class Layton sent me a text and said that he'd take care of dinner that way I could focus on grading. After I got home from class, he sent me upstairs so that he could work on dinner. He bbq'd a pizza from Papa Murphy's and then after dinner he helped me grade a stack of tests.

It's the little blessings that count. I'm so blessed by Yoga and Layton!