Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2 months of Emerson

I cannot believe that two months of your life have already come and gone.  You are 1/3 of the way to 6 months already!  We fall more and more in love with your stubborn and strong personality ever day.  You truly amaze me at how alert and strong you are.  I have definitely run through the gamut of emotions during the last 2 months.  I have been to the point of tears due to frustration and I have had my heart feel so full due to your sweet smiles.  You keep me on my toes each and every day and just when I think I have you figured out you change it up on me.  You are teaching me patience every day!

You like:
*Tummy Time - you are quite good at holding your head up.
*When mama shushes and sings to you when you're crying
*Taking baths - we finally got to give you a real bath after your cord feel off and your circumcision healed.  We used your really cool flower bath.
*The Ergo carrier - we took you to pick out our Christmas tree and you fell asleep in the Ergo.  I'm also hoping that this is the way that I may be able to get dinner made most nights.
*Laughing and smiling

You dislike:
*Sleeping for long periods of time during the day
*Sleeping from the hours of 4-8 pm
*When we put you in your swaddled and sit in your glider to rock you to sleep - you know that nap time is coming.
*When the dogs bark very suddenly and scare you - your little bottom lip sticks out and then you usually cry

Our favorite things about you are:
*Your growing personality
*Your contagious smile
*Your cute little voice
*How strong you are - you already seem so advanced for your age

Weight: 11 lbs 7 oz

Length: 23 inches

Clothing Size: You are now pretty much in all 0-3 month and 3 month clothes expect for your pants.  Your newborn pants are getting a little too short but your 3 month pants are way too long, so for right now you're wearing your newborn pants still.

Diaper Size:  You have officially moved into a size 1 diaper.  The newborn diapers were just getting too tight, so we didn't even finish off the last box that we had.

Feeding:  You're still eating about every 3 hours.  I have to unlatch you quite a bit when you're eating because my milk let down is too strong for you and you make a strange "clicking" sound.  This was causing some pain while nursing, but if I unlatch you when it's happening you quickly correct yourself and the pain goes away.  You have started taking the bottle a little bit more and we are going to keep working with you so that I can eventually be away from the house for longer than a few hours.  

Sleep:  Your sleeping has been a little wacky this month!  Once you hit 6 weeks I decided to try and get you on a schedule.  I joke and say that you knew what I was planning because on the exact day that I decided to do this you decided you wanted to eat every 2-2.5 hours and you only wanted to take 30 minute naps.  I bought some blackout curtains for your room and this seems to help you sleep longer periods of time during the day. You still really fight sleeping long periods of time during the day but you are starting to make improvements at night!  I am so thankful that right after I feed you at night you go straight back to sleep.  You have even had a few nights this months where you've slept 5-6 hours at a time!

Milestones:  You had your very first Thanksgiving.  We drove to Folsom on Thursday morning to spend with the Wedgeworth side of the family and then we stayed the night at your Grammy and Grandpa's house.  On Friday morning we drove over to spend the afternoon with the Sheley side of the family.  You have started talking to us quite a bit!  It is amazing that we can just sit and stare at you for an hour trying to get you to talk back to us.  You started sleeping in your crib at night and you don't mind it at all!  You helped us pick out our first Christmas tree.  You rolled over from your tummy to your back during tummy time when you were only 7 weeks and 4 days old! You also went grocery shopping with me for the first time this month.  You enjoyed looking around at everything from your Ergo. 

Adventures: You also spent your first Thanksgiving in Sacramento.  We went to the Christmas tree lot up the street from our house and we picked out our very first Christmas tree as a family.  We hung your "baby's 1st Christmas" ornament on it that Gabby & Papa got you and we also hung your stocking that Gabby made you.  

Mama and Daddy could not get through this month without:  Your gas drops and Gripe Water.  You have had quite an upset tummy due to some dairy and soy issues, so we have heavily relied on these drops to help ease your tummy issues.  Once again our lactation consultant, Serena.  She truly has been a godsend!  She's helped mama out again this month with some pain that she was having and after a few days it was gone!  Your crib.  You were really starting to keep mama awake with your grunting and groaning during the very few precious hours that she got to sleep during the night, so at 5 weeks old we decided to transition you into your own beautiful room at night.  We were a little sad because it was another milestone that you've hit, but I think we all sleep better.  Our Ergo carrier.  This has made it so mama can be a little more mobile.  

We love you to the moon and back kid.  We think you're pretty awesome!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

1 month photo dump

1 month of Emerson

I cannot believe that one month of your life has already happened.  It has been quite a month.  A month of sleeplessness, laughter, tears, frustrations and triumphs.  No one could have prepared us for what it is like to have a newborn enter our life.  I know it sounds so cliché, but it amazes me how it is possible to love someone so instantaneously!  You've grown so much in the last month and your daddy and I love you so much.  You keep us on our toes and just when we think we have you figured out you throw something new at us.  We have had to pull quite a few tools out of our toolbox.  We have learned to work together as a team on hardly any sleep at all.

You are handsome
You are perfect
You are sweet
You have quite the personality already
You make our family complete

You like:
laying naked on his changing table
sleeping in his swing
bath time
having "You Are My Sunshine" sung to him over and over and over again
morning mat time with daddy
being swaddled

You dislike:
car rides in his car seat
getting MAJOR gas after eating
his pacifier (he can't seem to keep the thing in his mouth)
sleeping longer than 3 hours at a time
going to the doctor
 hiccups (you get downright mad and start crying each time you get them)
 having a wet diaper

Our favorite things about You are:
how you responds to our singing to you - it seems to settle you down right away
you loud farts
your sound affects
how you loves to sleep on our chest
your sweet, smirky smile
your big blue eyes
how you likes to stare at lights

Weight: 9 lbs 8 1/2 oz

Length: 22 inches long 

Clothing size: Some newborn still and some 0-3 months.  A lot of your newborn footed jammies you grew out of at about 2 weeks because you are so long.

Diaper size: Newborn.  Size 1 diapers are still just a little bit too big for you.

Feeding: You're eating right around every 3 hours.  You have occasionally gone 4-5 hours in between eating at night, but that was just a teaser I think.  You chug your milk like a champ!

Sleep: You like to fight sleep during the day.  Sometimes it can be quite the challenge to get you to fall asleep.  This is where singing to you comes in quite handy!  At night you love your sleep.  You usually fall right to sleep after I've fed you.  You make a lot of noise in your sleep and this sometimes makes it difficult for me to sleep at night.  You have a lot of gas so you often whimper and whine in your sleep.

Milestones: Daddy tried to feed you your first bottle at 4 weeks old.  You weren't too thrilled with it.  I think you were wondering where the boob was.  We are going to keep trying since mama needs to be able to leave the house at some point.  Your cord finally fell off at almost 4 weeks old!  You wanted to hold on to that shriveled little raisin for awhile.  You made your first trip to Sacramento!

Adventures: Your first trip to Sacramento for our Sheley family Sunday lunch.  Quite a few trips to the doctors.  We took you to Walnut Creek so mama could get some new clothes.  Mama took you to a mom's group where she met some nice ladies that live right by us.  We're hoping to get together with them so that we can make some friends.

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the first weeks without: Your Gabby and Grammy - they have taken such good care of us over the first mont hot your life!  Swaddlers - since you love to be swaddled so much, these have been a quick and easy way to swaddle you when you're half asleep.  Your swings - we now have one upstairs and downstairs so that we can get things done while you are sleeping.  Our doula and lactation consultant - I am so glad that they haven't gotten tired of my never ending new mom questions.  Each other - your daddy and I have learned to work together and lean on each other like more than ever in the last month.

1 week old
1 month old
We love you to the moon and back kid!  We think you're pretty awesome!