Thursday, May 8, 2014

Week 12 bumpdate

How far along: 12 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 4 lbs

Maternity clothes: No maternity clothes yet.  I pretty much live in yoga pants and stretchy tank tops

Stretch marks: None

Sleep: Sleep is okay right now.  I'm getting up to pee usually 2 times and sometimes I have a hard time staying asleep.  I do usually take a nap during the day.

Best moment this month: Getting to see you 3 times via ultrasound!

Movement: Just a tiny bit.  Every once and awhile I can feel very faint flutters.

Food cravings: Sugary cereal - fruit loops, kix, lucky charms, golden grahams.  Sweet chili Doritos.

Gender: Don't know yet, though I have my suspicions that you are a girl.

Labor signs: None

Belly button - in or out? Half way out this time.  I don't think it ever went back to normal after having Emerson.

What I miss: Having energy and actually wanting to eat foods.  I have been so sick for the past 8 weeks, but I think there is hope in sight soon!

What I am looking forward to: Finding out what we're having!

Milestones: Getting past the worst of my nausea.

18 months of Emerson

We are half way through another year with you!  We can't believe how fast time is flying by.  You are such a friendly and talkative little boy with quite a bit of spunk!  You are definitely a man who knows what he wants and everyone around you is aware of that fact.  You are curious and oh so smart!  You are tall and thin, just like your daddy.  You keep mama on her toes every single day!

You like:
* Cords - you are obsessed with anything that you can plug and unplug
* When daddy gets home from work - your face absolutely lights up when you hear him at the door
* Playing with your friends at the park in the mornings
* Being able to pick a friend (stuffed animal) out to take night night with you
* Talking - you talk up a storm!
* Any moving vehicle that has a loud engine - the mail man, tractors, the garbage truck.

You dislike:
* When you are told you can't have something or go somewhere
* Eating - you are quite the picky eater.  I swear that sometimes you survive on air and crackers
* Sitting still long enough to have your diaper changed

Our favorite things about you are:
*  How curious you are - people are constantly telling me at the park that you are a curious little boy!
* How you look out the window and yell "Hola" at the landscapers
* Your blond hair - it is so blond and mama knows it will get even blonder as the summer goes on
* How you run up to mama and throw your arms around her legs to hug her

Weight: 23 1/2  lbs

Length: between 33 1/2 and 34 inches

Clothing Size: All 12-18 month   

Diaper Size: You are still a size 3!

Eating:  You are no longer nursing.  It was a pretty easy thing for you to cut out.  You usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner...when you feel like it.  You love to snack and you drink a ton of milk in the morning.

Sleep: We had a rough few months of night sleep from around 16 months-18 months, but you are back to sleeping like a champ now. You sleep from around 7:30-7:30 and you take one nap in the afternoon from around 12:45-2:45.

Milestones: You now have 14 teeth!  You walk and RUN everywhere.  You were also promoted to big brother!  Mama is having another baby in November.

Adventures: We went to Bodega Bay and you had so much fun!  You absolutely loved the beach and the ocean.  

Words that you can say:
Aunti Mimi
Emma (Emmie)
Apple (appigah)
Banana (nanie)
Hot hot hot - you say this every time coffee is being made or when you know I'm cooking in the oven
Oh No
Papa (Baba)
Gabby (Babby)
Yuck (ck)
Riley (Rahrah)
Bib (bibie)
Beep Beep
Lovie (love love)
Tickle tickle tickle
Edamame (emmie)
Uncle Tim - Titi
Water - wawoo
Isaac - Isaaca
Stop it
Mail man - meh meh
All gone
Grandpa - gapah
Milk - gilpy
All done
Uh oh - uh ooh
Cracker - crackoo

Words that you sometimes still sign:

18 months old - running on the beach in Bodega Bay
We love you to the moon and back kid.  We think you're pretty awesome!