Tuesday, October 22, 2013

12 month photo dump

12 months of Emerson

You are officially 1 year old.  It seems like yesterday we were heading to the hospital to be induced, only to have my contractions start while we were waiting to be checked into our room.  I knew that when you decided to stay inside of me for an extra 2 weeks that you would be a boy who did things on his own terms.  That has stayed true during this first year of your life and I pray that personality trait of yours sticks around into adulthood.  I see so many character traits in you that I know will make you into a strong and confident man.

Emerson, you are friendly, you are funny, you are spunky, you are strong willed, you are a perfect mix of sweet and sass, you are constantly on the go, you are SO VERY SMART!  This last month your intelligence has just blown up!  You amaze me everyday with something new that you learn how to do.  

You like:
* Climbing at the park.  You climb up and down the stairs and even the slide.
* Sliding head first down the slide.
* Birds
* Choo choos
* Snacks

You dislike:
* Leaving the park
* Having your diaper changed

Our favorite things about you are:
* How you smell like strawberries after you eat them.
* How much you light up when you see a dog or a choo choo on our walks.
* How curious and unafraid you are of trying new things.  You often blow by other kids that are a lot older on the play ground as you climb up anything and everything.

Weight: 20 lbs

Length: Around 31 inches

Clothing Size: In shirts you wear anything from 6-12 months. In pants you wear 12 months.  In jam jams you wear 12 months.   

Diaper Size: Size 3. 

Feeding:  You are only nursing 3 times a day now.  You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and then have 2 snacks throughout the day.  You also drink a little bit of cow's milk and lots of water.  You have entered a little bit into the picky toddler phase of eating.  One day you'll like something and the next day you'll throw it off of your tray.   

Sleep: You go to bed around 7-7:30 and wake up around 6:45-7.  You go down for your morning nap like a champ and we're slowly starting to figure out your afternoon nap again...I think!  I started putting you down later for your 2nd nap and this has helped...for now :)

Milestones: You now have 7 teeth.  You can say "dada, mama, dog, all done, hi, no-no" and I think a few other words.  You can sign "all done, more, please" and "eat."  You can pant like a dog and every time you see a dog on our walks you pant.  You can point out the kitty in one of your books.  You say "no-no" and even point your finger when you know you aren't supposed to do or touch something.  You wave at everyone you see.  You can point to you nose, mouth, belly button and ears when asked!!

Adventures: We had your birthday!!

We love you to the moon and back kid.  We think you're pretty awesome!