Thursday, September 26, 2013

11 months photo dump

11 months of Emerson

One more month until you are no longer considered a baby.  I will still think of you as my baby though.  You have started to assert yourself more and more this month, throwing quite a few tantrums.  I can really see your strong will and independence coming out.  You are the perfect balance of sweet and sass.  You are so smart and always want to play new games.  

You like:
* Spatulas and BBQ brushes
* Chasing Samson and Lucy around with spatulas and bbq brushes
* The swings
* Playing on the balcony
* Making a mess wherever you go, especially in the kitchen.

You dislike:
* When Samson and Lucy jump on the top of the couch or run up stairs when you're chasing them with spatulas and bbq brushes.
* Having mama brush your teeth.  You only want to do it yourself.
* Having anything taken away from you

Our favorite things about you are:
*  Your sense of humor.  You know that you are silly and you enjoy making people laugh.
* How friendly you are.  You love waving at and flirting with everyone at the grocery store.
* How strong willed you are.  Right now it can be a little frustrating, but I know it's going to make you into a great adult.
* How active, curious and smart you are!

Weight: 19.5 pounds

Length: Around 31 inches

Clothing Size: In shirts you wear anything from 6-12 months. In pants you wear 12 months.  In jam jams you wear 12 months.   

Diaper Size: Size 3. 

Feeding:  You are only nursing 4 times a day now.  You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and then have 2 snacks throughout the day.  You also drink a little bit of cow's milk and lots of water.  You have entered a little bit into the picky toddler phase of eating.  One day you'll like something and the next day you'll throw it off of your tray.   

Sleep: You go to bed around 7-7:30 and wake up around 6:45-7.  You go down for your morning nap like a champ and we're slowly starting to figure out your afternoon nap again...I think!  I started putting you down later for your 2nd nap and this has helped...for now :)

Milestones:  You are quite the cruiser now.  You have 5 teeth and have been working on a few others for quite some time now!  

Adventures: We spent 4 days in Sacramento doing a lot of things with family. You had a lot of fun staying at Auntie Maggie and Uncle Colby's house and playing with cousin Riley.  You and daddy also stayed home by yourselves while mama had some time to herself with Auntie Hannah.  We went to the Oakland Zoo with Adrianna and Xavier.

We love you to the moon and back kid.  We think you're pretty awesome!