Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Gender Reveal...

Dear little man,

We wanted to do something really memorable the day that we found out what gender you were.  We invited all of our family and my best friend to join us in the surprise.  We had quite the party finding out whether we were going to have a son or a daughter.  I can truly say that May 16, 2012 will live in my memory as one of the most exciting days of my life.  I cannot wait to meet you, Emerson William Wedgeworth.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 14-20...

I've been kind of behind lately in blogging because we were in the process of moving and then we didn't have my computer set up for awhile.  I wanted to try and catch up a little bit though and tell you a few things that have been going on in the last 6 weeks.

Weight gain so far - 5 lbs

My fibroids have been causing me some fits.  I've been to the doctor a few times unexpectedly for pain and extreme bladder discomfort due to these lovely fibroids that are sharing space with you.  Something that the doctor told me was, "you're just going to have to get used to it!"  I'll hold this over your head some day Little One :)

We've been in to the doctor a few times and your heart beat is very strong.

Speaking of strong...your arms and legs are apparently very strong too.  In fact, as I'm sitting here typing I can feel you wiggling away.  I often tell your daddy that you've drank "crazy juice."  I've been feeling you punching and kicking me since around 14 weeks and it is amazing.  It reminds me that there is a little tiny human in there.

I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day!  And we also found out that you are going to have a cousin join you in this world only 10 weeks after you're born.  I cannot wait to see the 2 of you grow up together.

The most exciting news is that tomorrow, yes TOMORROW, we are going to find out whether you are a boy or a girl.  We have a very special evening planned with all of our family to celebrate whatever gender God decides to give us.  I have anxiously been anticipating this day for WEEKS and I cannot believe it is almost here.  I cannot wait to know what you are and to call you by name.  I cannot wait to bond with you on a whole new level.  I also cannot wait to get started on your nursery.  I've had so many plans bouncing around inside of my head.

Here's to you my sweet Little One.  I pray every day for you and I love you more and more each day!