Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monthly goals

I've noticed over the last few months that I've kind of been stuck in "baby land."  I've forgotten to take care of myself.  Yes, I have a baby, but that doesn't mean that I have to lose some of the things that I loved doing BF (before baby).  So I decided to put together a goal list for the month of 5 simple things that I'd like to do every day.  I know that I probably won't get around to all 5 things every single day, but I'd like to try.  I plan on starting this list tomorrow, April 8, and seeing how I do all the way up until May 8.  Here are the 5 things that I'd like to do for myself every day:

  1. Read something - my Bible, a magazine, or one of the few books that I'm currently reading
  2. Get some sort of exercise - a walk with Emerson, yoga, or an exercise DVD at home
  3. Read my Jesus calling book for the current day
  4. Sit on the balcony (if weather permits) - we have this gorgeous balcony with an awesome view...why  not take advantage of it
  5. Do ab exercises to help tighten abs after c-section - suffice it to say my abs still feel pretty much nonexistent even 6 months postpartum.  I'd like to fix that!
I'll check back in after the month is over and let you know how I did!

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