Saturday, March 10, 2012

10 weeks...

(10 weeks pregnant)

You've gotten a lot bigger this week and I can sure tell! You now weigh a whopping .14 oz. All of your vital organs have formed and have began to function. You have tiny finger nail and toe nails. You even have teeth!

Pregnancy has always been amazing to me; however, now that it is actually happening in my body it is unfathomable! It is so surreal to see the ultrasound screen and know that there is a TINY little human inside of my body right now!
(These are the actual size of your itty bitty feet right now!)

We had a few important things happen in this week of your life. Your dad sat me down on the couch last week and asked me if I'd like to go on an adventure. I had not been feeling well that day, so my response was, "I think the baby is enough adventure for me this year, so...NO THANKS!" He proceeded to tell me that we had 60 days to be out of our house and into a new one. I spent the next 20 minutes crying and threatening to take our landlord to court (those were just my preggo hormones talking). You'll learn something about your dad...he thinks a few steps ahead and he knows me so well. He knew I'd freak out, so he'd already been looking at houses that day. He had an appointment lined up the next day to look at a cute house only a few blocks away. You'll also learn something about me...I worry ALL OF THE TIME. I think God was trying to teach me something. I think God was almost laughing at me. He already had everything taken care of. We signed a lease for a new place only 4 days after we'd been kicked out! And it's going to be so much better for our little family. I can't wait to bring you home to it.
(Our new house with a few of the bay)

We also had another doctor appointment this week with a new doctor. The last doctor that I had been seeing was a complete moron and caused a few unneeded scares for me! Dr. V is amazing. She spent over an our with us doing a complete family history and physical on me and we even got to do another ultrasound. She is definitely more competent than Dr. Phillips! I must say that you are pretty cute! Every time I get to see you I am more and more amazed at what is going on inside of me right now.
(Your 10 week photo shoot)

The last few days I have been feeling a little bit better. The queasies don't seem so bad. I'm hoping that since I'm nearing my 2nd trimester that you've decided to take a break on your mama!

We're getting ready to tell people this weekend and I can't wait! It has been so hard keeping this secret for he last 7 weeks!

I love you Baby Wedge!

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