Wednesday, February 29, 2012

9 weeks...

(9 weeks pregnant)

Here are a few 9 week updates:
  1. I had to get some jeans that were quite a few pants sizes bigger than I've ever worn. I can tell that my waste is filling out a little.
  2. I had to get a new bra! Apparently I went from a 32 B to a 34 D in only 2 short months!
  3. I found a new doctor and your daddy and I will be going in next week for a check-up and to hopefully hear your heartbeat.
You have graduated this week from an embryo to a fetus and your embryonic tail has disappeared. Your eyes are fully developed. I wonder what color eyes you have! Your reproductive organs have also fully developed. I wonder if you are a boy or a girl!

I can't wait to tell everyone about you! We're waiting until March 26th, which is now only 3 1/2 weeks away. I'll be so excited when everyone can enjoy this journey with us!

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