Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10 ways to calm the chaos of mommy hood...

Being a new mommy is amazing, but it is also challenging and tiring at the same time.  You go from being your own person to having someone attached to you pretty much 24/7.  It can take quite some getting used to having a tiny little human rely on you for absolutely everything.  I feel like I'm just now getting the hang of everything and starting to feel a little like myself again.  If you're a mommy you can probably relate to some if not all of the things below.  Here are 10 things that I have found over the last 3 1/2 months that have helped me still feel like myself amidst my rapidly changing life:

1.  Make time for yourself - Every single night I take a bubble bath after Emerson is in bed.  I usually watch a little TV on my iPad or sometimes I even use the time to take a 20 minute nap before going to bed :)  I also get my nails done every 2 or 3 weeks.  I'm usually only gone for about 30 minutes, but it's still nice to get out of the house and pamper myself.  I go grocery shopping every weekend.  I used to hate going grocery shopping, but now that it provides an hour out of the house by myself, I'll gladly do it!

2.  Get some sunshine and fresh air - Emerson and I go on a walk every single day if weather allows.  We have also been known to throw out a blanket at the park on the grass and play for awhile.  Sometimes it will be a quick 30 minute walk, but other times I'll take advantage of the beautiful weather and I'll walk around our neighborhood for an hour and a half to 2 hours while he's napping.

3.  Open up your house - When I get up in the morning I make sure to open the blinds.  Letting in natural sunlight will almost always make my mood better if I'm in a bad one.  I plan on opening the windows when the weather gets warmer.

4.  Create a weekly chore chart - Before I had Emerson I was a neat and clean freak....actually I still am, but it is proving to be much more difficult to keep my house neat and clean on a regular basis.  I also don't have as much of a desire to keep things picked up when I could be playing with my boy.  A few weeks back I created a weekly chore chart for myself.  I pinpointed certain chores around my house that were the most important to me and I designated a day of the week that I wanted to attempt to complete them.  These chores are things that only take about 20 minutes to complete, besides doing the laundry, so they are things that I can easily get done during one of Emerson's naps.  I can also do some of them while he watches me.  He likes to watch me vacuum and clean the floors, especially when I dance and sing while doing it :)  Here is my weekly chore chart that I created for myself:

KitchenWash towels & sheets

Dust Vacuum

LaundryTidy bedroom

Sweep & mop downstairs

Clean bathrooms Clean showers & tubs


Meal planGrocery shoppingErrands

5.  Find more efficient ways to do things - There isn't a lot of time in the day anymore to do the things that I used to do now that Emerson demands so much of my attention.  I've been trying to find ways to quickly stay organized.  One way that I have kept myself organized in a 2 story house is to keep a small basket down at the bottom of the stairs.  Throughout the day I throw things in the basket that need to go upstairs and I take it up on one of my trips.  Then I can throw things in it from upstairs that need to go downstairs.  It saves time and it is a lot easier to carry everything up at one time.

6.  Find a mom's group and make friends - I have been getting pretty lonely here now that I have Emerson and it's just me and him at home all day, every day.  I feel very isolated from my family, so it is really important to me to meet people.  I have joined 2 mom's groups and have met one friend so far.  I plan on going to more events to make more friends.

7.  Call/text friends and family to talk - Being a new mommy can get lonely.  It is really important to stay connected to friends and family even if it is only over the phone or through text messages.

8.  Exercise - I walk every day if the weather permits.  I also go to yoga 2 times a week.  Every Saturday morning and on Thursday nights.  Layton comes home early on Thursdays and gives Emerson a bottle so that I can get out of the house and go to yoga.

9.  Have play dates - It's so helpful to talk with other mamas that are experiencing and going through the same things as you.  I've made one friend in my neighborhood so far that has a son that is only 2 weeks younger than Emerson.  It is so nice to get together/text each other and talk about our challenges and excitements.  It's a really good support system to have.

10.  Take a shower and brush your teeth every day - There have been a few days where I haven't gotten a shower in and I've felt kind of depressed all day.  It's amazing what just stepping under some hot water for 5 minutes can do!  I rarely do my hair these days or even put make up on, but just taking a few minutes to get clean can really lift my spirits.  I also try and get my teeth brushed before noon now.

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