Thursday, July 4, 2013

8 months of Emerson

I am actually planning your 1st birthday party!  I cannot believe that it is already time.  It seems like each day that goes by you get happier and sillier.  You are constantly finding something to laugh at.  You make me laugh every single day with your easy going spirit.

You like:
* Feeding yourself
* Climbing on anyone who is sitting on the ground
* When mommy says, "Bless you child" after you've sneezed
* When anyone sneezes or coughs

You dislike:
* Having purees fed to you.  You started refusing to open your mouth and hitting the spoon out of my hand.
* Laying still to have your diaper changed
* Having your face and hands wiped after you've eaten
* Your sippy cup.  You throw it on the ground and only want to drink out of mama's water bottle.

Our favorite things about you are:
* The silly click and clacks that you can make with your tongue
* How you love to chase the dogs around.  They are now allowed on the couch because that's the only place they can get away from you.
* How curious and smart you are.  You are constantly exploring and doing things with you hands.
* How you love drinking out of mama's water bottle.

Weight: I really don't have a clue.  It's been months since you've been in to the doctor.  My best guess is anywhere between 17.5-18 pounds. 

Length: My best guess would be around 30-31 inches.

Clothing Size: You wear anything between 6-12 months.  

Diaper Size: We tried putting a size 3 on you and you are just too long and lean.  You leak anytime you're wearing a 3, so for now you're still in a size 2.

Feeding:  You nurse about every 3-4 hours now during the day.  You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner also.  For breakfast you typically have organic whole wheat blueberry waffles with some fruit.  For lunch and dinner you'll have some kind of meat (chicken, turkey, organic ground beef) along with a fruit and vegetable.    

Sleep: We had to put your "dream feed" back in because you started waking up too early.  So you go down for bed around 7-7:30 and I'll "dream feed" you at 10.  You then will sleep until around 5-6:30, eat again and hopefully go back to sleep until 7-7:30.  Somedays you decide that our day should start around 5:30 though.   

Milestones:  You are now officially saying "mama, dada, dog (you say "d") and all done (you say "ah d").  

Adventures: We went on our first family hike in Point Reyes.  You sat in your back pack carrier on daddy's back and we enjoyed a picnic together.  You were very good boy and you really enjoyed yourself.  We also went to Bodega Bay and you saw sand and the ocean for the first time. Of course you ate the sand! You got in the pool for the 1st time at Gabby & Papa's.

Mama and Daddy could not get through this month without: Child proof tools!

We love you to the moon and back kid.  We think you're pretty awesome!

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