Wednesday, July 24, 2013

9 months of Emerson

I think that this has been my favorite month so far with you.  Your personality is really starting to shine and thank God every day that I have such a happy baby.  You can find a reason to laugh at anything and I pray that you keep that tremendous trait throughout your life and into adulthood.  You rarely ever cry, so when you do I know that something is wrong.  You are such a curious little boy and love adventure.  

You like:
* Sucking on your lovey.  Lately that thing DOES NOT leave your sight.
* Saying hi to all of the dogs that we encounter on our walks.  I love seeing your face light up when I stop the stroller so you can look at the dogs that walk by us.
* "Helping" take your diaper off.  Even when mama or daddy is trying to put it on you.
* Watching the dogs play "fight" with each other.  This usually gets a good belly laugh out of you.  Sometimes you even throw your little hands in the air and cheer them on!
* Opening the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen.  Daddy had to put locks on everything!

You dislike:
* Bonking your head.  And this is happening quite a bit lately due to your newfound skill of standing up.  You haven't quite mastered the skill of getting back down to the ground gracefully.
* When someone shuts a door.  I think you cry because you want to go through it.
* When bath time is over.
* When mama doesn't let you get into the dog food each morning.  We play the same game every morning and you still haven't learned that when the dogs are eating they are off limits.
* When the cupboard slam on you since there are now child locks on them :)

Our favorite things about you are:
* How you laugh ALL OF THE TIME.  I am so grateful that God gave me such a happy and joyous baby!
* How you look like a snake when you rub your tongue along your top tooth.  I think you like the way it feels.
* How friendly you are.  The people who work in Trader Joe's are starting to remember you.  They call you "Mr. Smile." And when we go to restaurants you like to talk to the people around us.
* How you "hump" the ground when you get excited.  
* How you roll your tongue.  I think you may be a great Spanish speaker someday!

Weight: 17 pounds 4 oz

Length: 28 3/4 inches

Clothing Size: In shirts you wear 6-12 months and 9 months. In pants you wear 6 & 9 months.  In jam jams you wear 9 & 12 months.   

Diaper Size: You are officially in size 3 diapers now. 

Feeding:  You nurse about every 3-4 hours now during the day.  You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner also.  For breakfast you typically have organic whole wheat blueberry waffles with some fruit.  For lunch and dinner you'll have some kind of meat (chicken, turkey, organic ground beef) along with a fruit and vegetable.    

Sleep: You no longer have a dream feed at 10:00pm!  Yay!  Which means mama can go to bed at 9:30 and get 7-8 hours of sleep.  You go to bed anywhere around 7-7:30 and you wake up to eat anywhere around 5-6 am.  That means you are sleeping a good 9-10 hours straight each night.  Our new problem with your sleep though is that most of the time when you wake up to eat in the morning you do not want to go back to sleep.  That means on most days you are awake at 5-6 am!!  I don't get you out of bed at this time though.  I usually go back in 2 times and try to get you back to sleep.  If around 6:30 you are still talking and playing in your crib then we start our morning.  

Milestones:  You have started pulling up to stand!  You like to stand at the couch and try and get the dogs or stand and play at your music table.  You pretty much like to pull up and stand at anything - the gate at the stairs, your high chair, the chairs at the kitchen table, etc.  Your third tooth also came in.  It is your top left tooth.

Adventures: We took you to San Francisco for the first time.  You had so much fun looking at all of the people and pigeons.  You went on your first carousel ride and loved it!

Mama and Daddy could not get through this month without: Tylenol.  That top tooth was a whopper!

We love you to the moon and back kid. We think you're pretty awesome!

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