Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My sister...

...has truly become such an inspiration to me. I have watched her over the last 5 days walk through what has been the most difficult 5 days of her life. She has handled these last 5 days with such grace, calmness, patience and love. I have been truly amazed.

Growing up we weren't the closest :) There are quite a few years between us, so I can constantly remember wanting to hang out with her and her friends and I can constantly remember her saying, "Don't be a pest. Go away!" I always wanted to borrow her clothes and often got in trouble for leaving them crumpled on my floor when she wanted to wear them. Such are the things that happen between siblings when they are children.

As young adults we weren't always the closest either :) I think immaturity and our personalities got in the way. We both have VERY STRONG personalities and we are both VERY headstrong :) However, over the past year or so I have been realizing what an amazing friend, confidant, ally, cheerleader, and teacher I have in my sister. She has especially taught me a lot these last few days. She has taught me how to be strong when your best friend is laying broken in a hospital bead. She has taught me that prayer and faith really do pay off! She has taught me to trust in the Lord our Healer!!

I am proud of my beautiful sister and I am proud that people often mistake us for twins :) I am so very inspired by the amazing strength that I witnessed in my sister and my friend.

Today's blessing is my amazing sister, Miranda! I LOVE YOU SIS!

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