Tuesday, February 21, 2012

8 weeks...

(8 weeks pregnant)

There is not much to write about this week except that you've been doing a number on my tummy! It amazes me that something so tiny...you're only an inch long and the size of a green olive...can have so much control over my body. I won't get into all of the nasty details but my stomach has been topsy turvy this week!

Your liver, spleen and gall bladder are developing this week. You are also starting to move a little. I can't wait for the next few months when I'll actually get to feel you move. Your daddy and I enjoy laying in bed at the start of each week reading about how you are growing and developing.

One thing on my list to accomplish this week is to go buy a new bra :)

I am still enjoying my daily 2 mile walks and having fun experimenting with yoga. I know that it will be getting interesting soon once I have a baby bump.

I love you sweet Baby Wedge and I pray for you every night when I lay in the bath tub.

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