Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week 40...

I was really hoping that I wouldn't be writing this blog this week!  But I am sitting here on October 3, 2 days post date, writing yet another weekly blog update.  I have never wanted something to happen so badly in my life and it's driving me CRAZY having absolutely no control over it.  I guess I'm learning one of my first lessons about can't really plan and control! I'm learning to roll with the punches.  God already knows your birthday and I am trying to wait patiently until it is the right time for us to meet you.

Here are a few things that I've tried to get you to make your arrival.  Spicy foods, walking, bouncing on my exercise ball, and getting my membranes stripped twice (VERY painful).  Today I am going to try red raspberry leaf tea and pineapple.

I had another doctor appointment yesterday and haven't made any progress since last week and I'm trying not to get discouraged.  I've only gained 22 lbs so far!  If you are not here by Monday I have to go to the hospital to start having non-stress tests done to make sure that you aren't too stressed by being in my belly too long and next Tuesday we'll start discussing induction at 42 weeks.  Please little man...come out by then!  Your daddy is already done with work and is staying home with me now in anticipation of your arrival.

I promise I'll buy you something really special if you come out soon!

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