Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear March & April

Dear March,

You have been the month from the Devil and I will be glad to see you go. You have brought about much stress and tension, including...

...a sister-in-law in the hospital
...loss of an in-law
...death of a loved one and a loved pet
...water leakage in my house
...plenty of missed trains...some due to cows being run over...causing my husband to be home late
...a plethora of research papers to grade
...almost being in a horrible car accident...causing a scratch on my beloved car
...a scary situation with a student in my classroom

Glad to see you go,

Dear April,

You are my birthday month; therefore, you are always my favorite month of the year! I am so happy that you will wash the bad taste of March from my mouth with... 30th birthday
...a weekend in SF with some of my favorite bro & sis-in-law
...a limo wine tasting bday party with my girls
...a week in Bodega Bay...with an amazing friend and later some amazing family
...a trip to Portland
...packing my house to move

With much love and anticipation,


  1. I love this and I love you! Do you get to cross Alcatraz off the list when you go to SF? :0)