Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weeks 38 & 39...

39 weeks down and only 1 to go!!  These last few weeks have felt like they have just been dragging, yet it feels like so much has happened too.  It is so difficult for me to sit around and wait for you when I am suck a planner.  I am definitely trying to learn to have more patience.

At this point in my pregnancy...I AM TOTALLY DONE!!  I just want you to come out so that I can finally meet you and stop being so dang uncomfortable, and your daddy agrees too!  I sent him a text at work the other day asking him what he was doing and he said,  "Just sitting around waiting for Emerson like I always do."  We are so anxious to meet our son.

I have gained about 25 lbs so far, but my doctor thinks their scale might have been off when I went in yesterday.  I'm having a little bit of swelling in my hands and feet, but nothing to substantial.  I've been having some soreness in my pubic bone for quite some time, but last week I felt an excruciating pain shoot through my pubic bone and it hasn't felt the same since.  I called the doctor and she said I have something knows as pubic symphysis, which is pretty much the separating of the pubic bone down the middle.  She told me that I need to limit any activity that aggravates it, so I had to stop prenatal yoga before I wanted to.  And since then I haven't been doing all that much.  Yesterday I went to the doctor to have my weekly check-up and I am 70% effaced and 1 cm dilated.  She was able to strip my membranes a tiny bit which caused some cramping and contractions last night but those stopped after I got in a warm bath.  It was so encouraging though knowing that I'm not going into labor with absolutely no progress.  I'm starting out a little bit ahead of the game.

Yesterday your nursery was featured on a website called Apartment Therapy, which I was so proud of!

I think that's about it for the last few weeks.  We're just waiting for you.  I hope that I'm holding you in my arms next week instead of writing a weekly blog!

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