Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eight is great!

Yesterday Layton and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. As the saying goes "Time flies when you're having fun!" 
Looking back on the last 8 years of our marriage, I realize just
how much time has flownby.  We've bought 2 houses, traveled A TON, I graduated from college and started a new job, Layton started his own business, etc. Life has been fun with Layton by my side. I thank God every day for the incredible, intelligent, handsome, caring, ethical, giving, funny, sweet, generous, quirky man that I married.  I truly have been blessed to grow up with him over the last 8 years.  We were babies when we got married.  We really didn't know what we were getting into.  But we have made it work and we are committed to making it work for the next 50+ years.  

I was laying in the tub last night after our fabulous day of picnicking at a winery in Placerville and then having dinner at our usual anniversary spot, The Slocum House, when a little analogy popped into my head.  I can kind of relate our marriage to the tandem bike that Layton and I rode on our recent trip to Cape Cod.  That tandem bike was not easy to maneuver together. Sometimes we were quite wobbly, sometimes one person gave a little more than the other, sometimes the effort was equal, sometimes we had to get off of the bike and walk it for a ways because it was just too difficult, sometimes to road was VERY bumpy and sometimes is was smooth sailing; however, I look back on that bike ride and I remember the utter JOY that I felt when we were cruising along TOGETHER with the wind blowing through our hair and laughing. There have been many times over the last 8 years that have not been easy, but looking back I am grateful for EVERY SINGLE moment of my life with Layton.  I am grateful for the moments that have caused me to grow and I am grateful for the amazing man that God chose for me as my life partner.  

Here's to another 50+ years with Layton by my side.  

Obviously yesterday's blessing was celebrating 8 years of marriage to the man that I am 
SO VERY PROUD to call my husband.  He makes me feel special every day and I am SO BLESSED!!

Enjoy the 8 pictures from each year of our marriage.  

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  1. I'm so glad you had a great anniversary! I am so blessed to have you guys as our friends! I can't wait to see the countless anniversaries to come! Love you friend!