Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I was robbed!!

So...today pretty much sucked! My wallet and checkbook were stolen out of my purse. My purse wasn't left out in the open. On the contrary, it was LOCKED in the cupboard behind my desk in my LOCKED classroom!! I come and go out of my classroom all day...to go to the bathroom, eat lunch, plus I have 2 other classes in another room. Apparently, whoever stole from me knew this and decided to use a key to get into my classroom and cupboard.

They were able to charge up some stuff at about 6 different places before I realized that it was gone around 3:45. I talked with security at the church and I will be filing a police report within the next few days. I also have to get a new drivers license, change my direct deposit at work, change my account at the yoga studio, and that doesn't count all of the phone calls that Layton has made and will make over the next few days.

I've never been stolen from before. It really is an AWFUL feeling being violated like that, especially in a place that you work in and feel so comfortable and safe at. While I was on the phone with my mom telling her what happened, she asked me this question, "What is the silver lining in this situation?" She's really good at asking me questions like that that make me think :)

Today's blessing/silver lining: Getting to replace my HORRID drivers license picture where I look about 15 years old...Getting a new wallet...Seeing how much my sweet husband cares for me. He ran around all evening canceling our account and cards while I got a much needed massage. He truly does love me!!


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  1. That.totally.sucks.!!!

    But good for you for trying to focus on the positive! A new driver's license picture is a good thing. I got to change mine when I changed my name...I was SO excited...I looked like I was 12 in it! And way to go Layton! All husbands everywhere should learn from him!!!