Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today's blessing is my wonderful mother! As usual, the first week back to work is quite an adjustment for me. It's difficult going from sleeping in and not doing much to getting up extremely early and using my brain non-stop all day!! Yesterday was also a really stressful day for both Layton and myself. I didn't sleep great last night either, so I am really exhausted today.

I had been in a meeting all morning and I got into my classroom around 11:00 and there was a card on my desk for me. I immediately recognized my mom's handwriting. She'd left me a cute card and a Startbucks gift card. She also wrote on my white board that my classroom looked great!
It was a nice little reminder right in the middle of my VERY LONG week that I am extremely loved by my mom and that I am thought about.


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  1. Yeah for Momma Lynn! That was cool! It's nice that you both work at the same place that you could see eachother too! She's cool!