Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Wedgie family trip

The Wedgeworth family took a little day trip to Lake Tahoe today.  For Father's Day we bought my father-in-law an hour kayaking trip on Lake Tahoe and most of the family went with him. Margaret and I saw the rest of the family off-Layton, Colby, David, Bridget, Magen and Josiah-and then we sat at a great restaurant on the lake called Captain Jon's.  We enjoyed some french fries while the rest of the fam enjoyed an hour out on the lake.  It was great getting to talk with my soon to be sis-in-law about life, love, and marriage.  After everyone went kayaking we hit up a yummy pizza place for lunch and then we hiked up to the AMAZING look-out point that gave us great views of the entire lake.  

When Layton and I first got married, we used to take a lot of vacations and trips with the Wedgeworth side of the family.  Over the last few years we haven't gone on a lot of trips or vacations with them.  Today made me realize how much I miss that.  It also made me realize how much I am TRULY blessed with an amazing in-law side of my family.  They love me deeply and accept me for who I am.  I am able to have fun and laugh with them and I REALLY enjoy being with them.  We had an AMAZING day together.  

After we got back from Tahoe, Layton and I bbq-ued and then sat and talked at the table together for awhile.  I love that I have a man in my life that challenges me to think, to questions, and to attempt to understand and not just to accept blindly.  

Today's blessing:  THE WEDGEWORTHS!!! I love them so much! 
Everyday's blessing:  The man that God blessed me with...
Layton Jaret Wedgeworth!!

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