Sunday, February 13, 2011

For better or for worse

In a world where marriage really is not valued anymore and where the divorce rate is higher than ever, I was reminded today of what true love and commitment really is. Layton and I went to visit his grandma Ann today, who is dying, and we sat talking with her and Layton's grandpa Bill. These are two people who when they got married 59 years ago at the ages of 19 and 22 never dreamed of what life would be like for them 59 years later.

Layton's grandma had a severe stroke 9 years ago and has been bed/wheelchair ridden ever since. Throughout the years I have been so amazed at the devotion of Bill towards his wife. He has never skipped a beat in taking care of her every need. Now Ann's kidneys are failing and I am yet again amazed at their love and devotion for each other.

We sat tonight and looked through their wedding photos and they told us about their date to Leatherby's the other night. Ann talked about the great time they had together and how they ordered one rootbeer float with two straws. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that a dying woman who has been married to the same man for 59 years still cherishes those special dates. They have been an amazing example over the years of "for better or for worse!" I just hope that in 49 years Layton and I will be as devoted to each other as Bill and Ann Wedgeworth are. They have truly left a legacy for their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to follow.


  1. Love it! How great to see. I see both ends of the spectrum when it cones to older couples at my work. This is a great example. Have you ever read "a promise kept?"

  2. I haven't. I just looked it up. It sounds really good. I may have to buy it!