Saturday, February 5, 2011

Adios Facebook!!

So I've decided to pretty much stop using Facebook because it's become unhealthy for me. I just started thinking about how public and vain it really is. I read this interesting article about a study done that shows the vain aspect of people that update Facebook obsessively.
You have to understand me...I know I'm pointing a finger...but there are 3 pointing right back at me! I have been guilty of the very things that are really starting to bug me about social networking sites. I'm tired of the drama, of the rudeness, of the fake persona that social networking sites allow people to set up for themselves. It's strange to me that Facebook friends have in some way taken over real friendships. It's strange to me that a person's Facebook friends list needs to reflect who they are friends with IN REAL LIFE!! I hate it that I can't really get away from people on Facebook that I've chosen to distance myself from in real life.
I just think as a Christian woman I should be spending time doing things that are uplifting. I should be spending time with my husband and not on my iPhone looking at Facebook.
So...I've deleted Facebook from my phone and I've decided to stop using it to post status updates. I've decided to block quite a few people and hide quite a few of my friends that I feel like I can't delete due to the fact that they'll get pissed because I don't want to read their narcissistic status updates anymore. I will still look at it every so often and comment on friend's photos. I will just not allow it to consume my life or bug me anymore.
Life is to short and precious to spend it on some social networking site looking at what other people are doing.

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