Wednesday, August 29, 2012

35 Weeks...

The countdown is on!!  I cannot believe that if I were to go into labor in 2 VERY short weeks that my doctor would do nothing to stop it!  I only have a few more things to get ready and then I plan on relaxing until Emerson decided to make his arrival.

Here are a few highlights of the last week...We are done with his nursery.  I plan on blogging all about it next week.  I packed your diaper bag, so we are totally ready to go on your end.  My hospital bag is almost packed.  I need to finish a few things up with that and then make a list of very last minute things to pack when I actually do go into labor.  I made a playlist that will last us about 5 hours, just in case I need some calming music to relax/distract me during labor.

Things that still need to be done...Install your car seat.  That is getting done this weekend.  Set your bassinet up in our room.  I'm still waiting on the stand for it.  Other than that we are pretty much GOOD TO GO!

I am starting to feel more and more uncomfortable and I am getting more and more ready to meet you.

I am also starting to get anxious.  I often question why I decided to do a natural labor, but then I remind myself that it's for the good of both of us.  I want both of us to be as healthy as possible when you're born and I know that a natural labor will help facilitate that.  I also believe that God knows the desires of my heart and that he will help me through every step of the way.

With every nudge and kick I am reminded of just how excited I am to meet you and finally see what your face looks like.  I hope you look like your handsome daddy :)

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