Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The awesomeness I call my Baby Shower...

I have to say it...I think that the baby shower my sister and best friend put together for me was one of, if not THE, most creative and unique baby shower that I've ever seen.  Now I'm not just saying that because it was a baby shower for me.  They thought of absolutely everything.

The theme of this amazing baby shower was "Storybook."  If you know me at all, you know that this is a perfect fit for me.  I love books and I have since I was a little girl.  The invitations looked like library cards, there was a candy table (since I love candy) that said "Sweet Dreams" above it, the tables looked like beds, the favors were bookmarks, and guests were asked to bring a book to add to Emerson's library with a special hand written note inside.  The decorations matched Emerson's nursery and you could tell there was so much thought put into everything.  My sister and Hannah went above and beyond.

I also felt so blessed to have so many wonderful ladies there to help celebrate with me.  Every single woman that was there has poured into my life in one way or another over the last 31 years and I wouldn't be the woman that I am today without their influence in my life.  It was so great to have old friends, coworkers, close friends and family there.

I was blessed with so many wonderful things for Emerson.  Thank you to everyone who helped with the shower and who came to help me celebrate the life of my little man.

You can judge for yourself on just how awesome this baby shower was!

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