Tuesday, July 21, 2009

God sure knows what He's doing...

...and sometimes I have to be reminded of that!

I've been feeling kinda ICK the last few days thanks to "girl stuff."  Today I was in a real funk because Layton left for Berkley around 12:30 and wasn't going to be home until midnight or later. I knew I was going to be home by myself ALL day and ALL night.  I was feeling kinda lonely and I've been bored since we got back from Boston.  I knew that lonely and bored meant that I would probably sit on the couch all day and that's not really good for me.  Thankfully, God did a few things to change my outlook on my day.   

I decided to go into work to get a few books to plan for the coming school year.  Unfortunately, I grabbed the wrong book but then some emergency reunion stuff came up to keep me busy for a few hours.  My wonderful friend Hannah, who is a great woman that I am so enjoying getting to know, also offered to come over and keep me company in the evening.  We watched "Bride Wars," ate some cake, and talked about her upcoming wedding and marriage.  I also read a another friend's blog about rejection and it REALLY spoke to me. All of that to say...

I'm glad that God takes care of me.  I'm glad that God KNEW that I didn't want to be lonely and bored today.  I'm glad that God put activities and people in my life to help make my day a little less lonely.  I'm glad that God provides, even in the little areas in my life.  And I'm GLAD that God is so FAITHFUL!  

Today's quote: Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain.
Today's blessing: Knowing that God wants to take care of even the little things in my life.

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  1. I'm so sorry you felt ICKY! I can sympathize for sure! I am also glad that you found a friend to hang out with. Thanks for all your help with the reunion stuff! I wish I could come keep you company more often. Unfortunately, I'm a little tied down and I feel bad cause it makes me a little more high maintenance friend with the kids and all. But I'm excited that you're gonna hang out Friday after the meeting! Love the quote by the way, I'm gonna have to use that somewhere! Love ya!