Sunday, July 5, 2009

A day of relaxation...

Today was a chill day for us. We needed to re-charge! We were both so exhausted from the last few days of non-stop walking that we decided to sleep in and not set an alarm. Little did we know that we'd sleep in until 10:30!! We needed to do laundry today and after a few attempts at the dryer in our building, Layton figured it out that the dryer wasn't working. Then I went to make lunch and our bread we just bought was already moldy!! So on the way to Whole Foods to pick up more bread, Layton stopped by the laundry mat to dry our clothes. Needless to say, we didn't get out of the house until about 3.

We walked down to Long Wharf and just walked along the water for a little while. I got a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone. YUM!! We walked around to take some pictures and then we came back to the house to catch up on tidying up and I edited uploaded some pictures and Layton worked a little.

We ventured in to Little Italy for dinner. What a great experience. It was soooo BUSY there. Apparently it is THE place to eat dinner! We thought we'd try out a place that supposedly is the best place get Italian food, unfortunately the line went all the way around the corner, so
we went to the second place on our list. The place we ended up at was great. It seemed very authentic to me. The owner sounded like he came straight out of The Godfather. He wasn't very polite, but it didn't really matter because it was so authentic. The food and wine was fabulous!! We had such a great evening talking, people watching and planning tomorrow's activities. We're going to Concord and Lexington tomorrow! I can't wait to go to Walden Pond!

Today's total mileage: 3. 28 miles

Today's bum quote of the day: "Hey miss, do you smoke?" To which I replied, "No." "Would you staht (Bostonian for start) for me?"

Today's blessing: Enjoying a fabulous Italian dinner with my hubby, relaxing and planning our next day's events.

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