Thursday, July 2, 2009

Old Hymns in Old Churches...

Today started out with us sleeping in a little later then planned. I think we were out the door by about 11. Let me just say...Boston's subway system is DEFINITELY not as easy as Chicago's. We spent quite some time trying to find the blue line. Layton finally broke down and asked someone on the street. The lady we asked really had absolutely no clue what she was talking about. She gave us about 5 different directions, none of which she actually finished. We decided to just try and find it on our own when a guy asked us if we needed help. Come to find out, he was a meth addict and he gave us MUCH better directions than the lady did, and she was a teacher.

We found our way to the blue line and then switched over to the orange line and made it to Back Bay. We spent the most majority of the afternoon exploring this beautiful neighborhood. We visited Trinity Church, Old South Church, the Boston Public Library (which was amazing) and the Boston Public Gardens. We grabbed lunch at a cute little cafe and even had to run through a torrential downpour (which was fun)! After our exploring we went home to rest our feet for a little while.

We ventured out again to dinner, and AGAIN we had a horrible time finding the orange line subway station. I've decided that they've made it a puzzle to find all of the stations. They sure don't make it easy on you. We dined at Coda Bar and Kitchen... in Back Bay. I had a fabulous dinner, Chicken Under a Brick!

Today's total mileage walked...approximately 7 miles.
Today's blessing: Sitting in both Trinity Church, built in 1877, and New Old South Church, built in 1875, listening to the organist play old hymns.

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