Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our last day here...

Today has been a great day! We finished off the Freedom Trail today and threw in a few other fun activities.

The 15th stop on the Freedom Trail is the U.S.S. Constitution. We got there pretty much when the shipyard opened that way we wouldn't have to wait in too long
of a line. We waited for about an hour and then we took a really cool 30 minute long tour aboard the ship below her decks. It was amazing to see this ship that was built in the late 1700's. It is the oldest commissioned war ship still afloat! After touring the ship we hopped back on the Freedom Trail and made our way up to the Bunker Hill Monument. This granite monument is 221 feet tall and has 294 steps up to the top. We climbed all of them! The view was gorgeous from up that high.

After finishing up the Freedom Trail we stopped at an Irish pub for on the way back to our place. We walked back into Little Italy to grab some cannolis from a place called Mike's Pastry. I had heard from a few people that their cannolis were a "must have." After lunch we walked up to the Boston Public Garden and took a ride on the famous Swan Boats. It was kind silly, but something that I had wanted to do since we got here. There is a small duck pond in the middle of the gardens and there are these boats on them that are powered by a person in the back that sits in a large white swan. The person peddles you around the small pond for about 15 minutes. It was VERY fun and I'm glad we got to do it. After that we went back to our place and hung out on our patio for awhile and then we took a picnic dinner up to the Boston
Common to enjoy our last evening here in this beautiful and inspiring city. We watched some dogs play for awhile and enjoyed our picnic and our cannolis for dessert :)

Now we're just packing and cleaning up our place, making sure that we have everything to take home with us tomorrow. I remember this feeling when we were leaving Chicago...glad to be going back to my own bed & home, so glad that I get to see my kids again, glad to see and hug my family and friends...but VERY sad to leave such a great experience. I absolutely LOVE sharing these types of memories with Layton and experiencing these types of cities that just have a different type of "feel" and energy than back home. I have learned that I come away from these trips with a new inspiration and desire for my life.

I'm looking forward to finishing up my last few weeks of summer and preparing for yet ANOTHER new and challenging year of teaching. Just because we're leaving Boston does not mean that I'm done blogging our counting my blessings. I'll still be around :)

Today's total mileage: 5 miles
Today's bum quote: hmmm...fakdjfalksjkarf...allllslofiosl....hmmrph - Said by a crazy man walking by us on the street
Today's blessing: Sharing a picnic in the Common with Layton and saying goodbye to this beautiful and inspiring city.

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