Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today we needed to sleep in after our long and tiring day to Cape Cod yesterday. After a little breakfast we made our way over to Fenway to visit the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. I was very bummed that they did not allow any photography. This museum was amazingly beautiful! It was a very different museum experience than I've ever had. The lady who designed the museum became wealthy after her father died and she started becoming a collector of art. She bought a piece of land in Fenway and built and designed the museum herself. Most museums that I've been to have different galleries set up for different periods of time. The Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum was VERY different. She put together whatever pieces of art that she thought would look good together. There was also furniture, tapestries, little trinkets, books, etc. everywhere in this museum. In the center of the 3 story museum was a beautiful indoor courtyard with all different types of flowers, plants and sculptures. I think this was my favorite museum that I've ever been too. The way that Isabella Stewart Gardener set up each room was fabulous. I thought it was really cool that in her will she said that no one could change anything in the different rooms of the museum. I also thought it was cool, but sad, that in 1990 someone stole over 300 million dollars worth of paintings and other items from the museum. There were some empty frames left on the walls still today where the paintings had been stolen. This place is really hard to describe in words, and since I couldn't take any's a link:

After we spent about 3 hours doing the audio tour in the museum we hopped back on the train and went to a place called the Sunset Tap & Grill that Layton really wanted to go to. We spent a few hours there enjoying a VERY late lunch!!

We've kind of just been lounging around the house tonight. I went back out and took some more pictures of the GREAT doors that are all over Beacon Hill. We also planned out our last few days here. It's sad to be going home, but I'm pooped and I miss my kids!!

Today's mileage: 3 miles
Today's blessing: Having an enjoyable lunch with Layton laughing and enjoying each others company!

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